Regarding the appointment of Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Staff Reporter | Published: 2021-05-17 19:47:43

AKM Ehsanul Haque, FCII: As far as I know, according to the current rules, a candidate for the post of Deputy Chief Executive Officer has to have a minimum of 12 years of work experience.

According to insurance experts, this rule needs to be changed.

There are a number of talented and highly educated executives in the insurance sector who have obtained the world-renowned ACII degree from an internationally renowned insurance company such as The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London.

Many of these insurance degree holders have 8 to 10 years of work experience. But due to the current rules, the opportunity to apply for the post of deputy chief executive officer is deprived of despite having educational qualifications and skills.

One of the major responsibilities of the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority is to create opportunities for all these 'ACII' degree holders by giving them precedence and priority in considering the current anarchic situation.

Without skilled manpower and competent leadership, it is not possible to change the current situation of the insurance sector. Therefore, the responsibility of leading and managing the insurance sector should be handed over to those educated in insurance.

It is hoped that the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority will seriously consider reducing the current period of work experience to 8 years for the overall development of the insurance sector and for the greater well-being.

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